When there is a deficiency in one part of an organization, it will often detract from the effective functioning of the whole.

The underlying causes of these issues may not be readily apparent to executives or leaders even though they are aware that the organization is not performing at its optimum capacity.

At these times an outside professional can objectively evaluate the organization's issues, providing a comprehensive understanding of them as well as the support necessary to work toward resolving them.

For example, in today's stressful environment, it becomes critical that a business function as productively as possible while ensuring employee satisfaction and retention. A high rate of employee turnover diminishes profit, productivity, and morale. Human Resource Departments may need
proactive support in order to minimize employee-related expenses.

We have the professional consulting skills and intervention techniques to assess your organization's needs and help to resolve your business's issues.
Our commitment to your business's success is reflected in our approach of learning about your specific issues and concerns through careful study, discovering the underlying causes, and then helping to design solutions for your business's needs.

Executive coaching enables leaders to work more effectively with significantly reduced stress. Through a deeper understanding of how their own personal dynamics parallel the dynamics in the workplace, they are usually able to see the ‘big picture’ more clearly, gain better understanding of the various viewpoints of a problem, and make strategic decisions more confidently and with greater positive impact.

Team coaching helps groups within an organization function in a more coherent, productive manner.

Retreats are custom designed and facilitated to meet the client’s objectives. These often include team building, problem resolution, and/or strategic planning. Retreats are best when they are off-site; often the change of venue will facilitate more openness among the participants, a first step toward resolving the issues at hand.
We hold retreats at locations best suited to our client’s needs.





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Consulting Services Provided:

Women" Leadership Challenges
Executive Coaching
Retreat Design & Facilitation
Sensitive Issue Resolution
Conflict Resolution
Managing Organizational Change
Strategic Planning
Leadership Development/ Succession
Family Business Issues
Employee Retention
Team Coaching